Dual coloured foam inserts: Style and protection

Dual coloured foam inserts provide both style and protection for any business; for companies who want to make a statement with their products, these inserts can help create a visual representation of the company’s quality and professionalism. 

Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide a functional purpose in preserving and protecting your products during storage and transit. This blog article will discuss the advantages of dual coloured foam inserts and how businesses can utilise them in order to create a lasting impression.

What makes two-coloured foam inserts better than single-coloured foam inserts?

There are many reasons why businesses should consider using dual coloured foam inserts.


In addition to the aesthetic appeal, foam inserts can also provide a level of protection for products that are delicate or breakable. For businesses that deal with fragile items, using a foam insert can be a way to ensure that products arrive safely at their destination. Foam inserts can also help to buffer against vibration and shock, which can lead to accidental damage products during transit.


Another reason to use dual coloured foam inserts is that they can be used to create a custom look for your products. If you want your sample products to stand out from the competition, using a foam insert can be a way to make your products more visible. You can also have your company logo appear on the insert, which can help to build brand awareness and reinforce identity using company colours creating a lasting professional impressional of your products.


Two-coloured foam is a great option for businesses to organise their products whether in cabinets, drawers or protective cases. The unique two-toned foam is created by laminating 2 distinct colours and cutting through the upper layer to reveal the lower layer colour. This makes it easy to visually identify the products in each compartment, allowing employees and sales representatives to locate the specific item they need quickly. Finally, they are totally bespoke and are custom made for all sizes and shapes, making sure they are a perfect solution to your requirement and suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, two-coloured foam can help you keep your products organised and well protected.

Examples of our dual-coloured foam inserts in our protective cases

Dual coloured foam inserts: Style and protection | Pottertonpacs BlogDual coloured foam inserts: Style and protection | Pottertonpacs BlogDual coloured foam inserts: Style and protection | Pottertonpacs Blog

Plastazote foam for dual-coloured inserts


Plastazote is a well known brand from Zote foams and offers superior performance whilst remaining lightweight.  Offering a high level of protection, plastazote foam is widely considered one of the top choices for applications requiring durable packaging and two coloured foam inserts. With the aid of CNC routing and CAD (Computer-Aided-Design), it can be designed, shaped and resized with precision and this makes it a great choice for packaging protection and coloured case inserts.

Overall, dual-coloured foam inserts provide a number of benefits for businesses. They can add style and personality to your products while also providing protection against damage. If you are looking for a way to make your products stand out, consider using a two-coloured foam insert to create a custom look.

If you’re interested in protective cases with custom foam or dual coloured foam inserts only for your company’s products or equipment then get in touch today to take advantage of our free quotation and advice service.