Discover the top 9 equipment cases in 2022 to safeguard your equipment

H1 Discover the top 9 equipment cases in 2022 to safeguard your equipment

Equipment cases offer you absolute resilience to help you defy all adversities of work life. From medical equipment to delicate calibration or electronic instruments, cases are designed to protect transported goods while making your workday easier.


There are high expectations for equipment cases with outstanding applications in difficult everyday use.  Dependent on operational planning, there are various materials available for the cases. Specific requests for design, weight, robust loading capacity, and other features can also be met here.  In this comprehensive guide, we gathered for you the top nine equipment cases for 2022 to choose what suits you best!

  1. The best for small items

Versatile and lightweight, shell semi-rigid carrying cases are ideal for small items including cameras, and opticals from drops, scratches, and other accidents. They also offer a great way to keep your equipment safe when you’re travelling. 

Their advanced design and supreme quality, offer a stylish yet protective solution with branding options that reflect your corporate vision. At PottertonPacs we always add custom-cut foam inserts, internal printed display panels, holders, and pockets to all four standard-sized models to fit all your needs.

  1. Best budget case

Extremely robust and durable plastic cases feature extra-thick walls and are not just waterproof but shockproof, and dustproof for unbeatable protection. Their clever functionality makes them ideal for medical equipment and electronics as they keep everything away from your sensitive equipment.


Their greatest advantage is that they offer affordable protection for your valuable equipment. Stay on budget with a flexible case and add custom-cut foam internal printed panels or product identity masks, literature pockets, logos, and more for maximum protection.

  1. Best all-around case 

A Peli storm case is the premium option for your expensive equipment. Being IP67 rated, and having undergone military-spec testing, a Peli case gives you extreme durability, resistance, and protection. It comes with a number of clever features such as an automatic pressure relief valve, clasps, handles, and wheels, making your every day easier.


At PottertonPacs we provide you with smart and innovative new ideas to customise your case to your needs. From the iM2075 Storm to the iM2435 Storm, trust a case that is a popular choice for professionals in the military, security and emergency and who put them through some of the toughest conditions.

  1. Best for performance 

Peli protective cases are well trusted due to their tried and trusted performance. Certified with an IP rating of 67 they are watertight, dustproof, airtight and chemical resistant, and are therefore ideal for storing high-value, sensitive equipment such as diagnostic instruments, and electronics.


No matter the size or shape, there’s a Peli protective case for all fragile items. Of course, interior protection is available and adaptable to the shape of your equipment. At PottertonPacs, you can customise it to the requirements of your equipment and brand it according to your corporate identity.


  1. Best for samples

Sales demo and presentation cases are an attractive way to display your products to your clients, and an aluminium case is a sleek solution that is lightweight, with some models having a standard foam blank insert as an optional accessory  These cases provide you with a competitive advantage over your competitors.


We have the perfect solution for your industry, so just browse our wide selection of cases from the standard AluAlpha300 to the AluGamma400.  If you are looking for a high end finish and also want the best possible appearance this is your perfect case.

  1. Best for transport

The versatile AluZone flight cases offer total flexibility in size, colour and style. Manufactured from high-quality materials that are customisable with printing in-house, they are perfect for transport and storage of essential equipment from medical items to sales and presentation applications.


AluZone flight cases are available with foam lining, custom cut foam inserts or totally bespoke interiors, and silk screen print or digitally printed branding solutions. Choose your ideal size and let our experts customise it to fit your equipment requirements.

  1. Best for travel

When you need a carrying case solution for sample items, testing and maintenance equipment but don’t want to sacrifice presentation, protection, or durability, an ABS case is the way to go. An ABS is a hard case with the benefits of adding a telescopic handle and wheels, making it one of the best options for travel.


Ensure organisation with custom cut foam inserts, vacuum formed inserts, pockets, dividers, desktops, retaining straps, and many more. Whether you choose a smaller 18 inch ABS Case or the larger 26 inch ABS Briefcase, this is your perfect travel companion for everyday use. 

  1. Best for features 

Multiple features, IP67 certification, impact-resistant NK-7 and many more at an economic price make the Nanuk cases the best for features. Protect your transport equipment, communication systems, and medical devices and benefit from a lifetime warranty.


The NANUK case line includes 31 basic case size options, a wide selection of colour possibilities, allowing it to be readily matched to suit your brand identity. At PottertonPacs we can add additional protection and custom-made inserts for maximum security. For sure, a NANUK case won’t disappoint you.

Choose one of the top equipment cases for your needs


At PottertonPacs, we pride ourselves on being expert designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of the top cases for your equipment. We specialise in CNC routing, water jet and die cutting of bespoke foam pad inserts, shadow tool control, and polystyrene for all your customised cases.

Contact us today with any queries you may have or ask for a quote and one of our expert team members will be happy to help you.