Transporting High-Value Electronics Equipment

When it comes to the transportation and handling of high-value electronics, the golden rule is to ensure that the goods are kept safe and secure during every point of transportation.

In order to protect high-value electronic equipment, you will need to invest in a quality equipment case to keep the electronics safe during transportation and everyday impact. However, you should first understand what features your equipment case will need in order to provide sufficient protection for your high-value electronics equipment.

In this guide, we explain everything you need to know about protecting your high-value electronic equipment during transportation and what features you should be looking out for in the ideal protective equipment case.


Protection against all weather conditions can sometimes be an important factor, especially if your electronic equipment is ever taken outside. Particularly when equipment is of high-value, even a small amount of water can make the difference between your electronics remaining fully functional or failure due to damage from water.

For this reason, you may be looking at investing in a waterproof equipment case, such as the Peli or Peli Storm, to protect your electronics from splashes of rain or even more extreme protection if you’re looking at taking your electronics overseas.


From time to time, equipment cases can be accidentally dropped and while a protective equipment case is designed to cushion your electronic equipment to protect it from drops or knocks, some cases are better designed to withstand more serious shocks which exceed regular light shocks.  

Some of our products, namely our Flight cases or the Peli Storm case, features shock protection to deliver enhanced protection against instances of drop, collision and physical impact. The rounded corners of the Peli Storm case offer specialised shock protection that absorbs impact, making it better able to withstand the physical demands of travelling whilst also protecting against accidents. The Peli range also has a lifetime guarantee supplied by the manufacturer, so that you can be sure that your case will last.

When you need a quick off-the-shelf solution, the standard foam inserts or TrekPak inserts can be used for self customisation or padded dividers sets which provide a more universal approach. These can be altered time and time again, and are available as accessories and available to buy online via our site for next day delivery.

Custom Foam Inserts

When having a protective case, you may like to include custom foam inserts which are carefully crafted to fit your exact electronic equipment and offer protective cushioning whilst it’s stored inside the case.

With our option to include custom foam inserts in any of our protective cases, you have the choice whether you would like to add foam protection to protect your electronics from being knocked around within the protective case, which is ideal if you are transporting your electronics on a regular basis. For a lightweight solution to be used in less harsh environments, a reinforced bag with custom inserts can be used to protect these goods.

Comfort and Convenience

Whilst all of our equipment cases are designed with ergonomics in mind, if your equipment case is designed to hold and transport heavier electronic equipment, you should make sure that the case offers not just protection, but also comfort.

For this reason, you may want to choose an electronic case which features soft-grip handles to allow you to carry heavier loads of electronics much easier, by reducing the strain on the hands and wrists. Another option is to consider a case which features wheels or a telescopic pull-handle for maximum ease when transporting. Making it easier to transport will also reduce the chances of the electronics inside the case becoming dropped.


If high-value equipment ends up in the wrong hands, it can result in the equipment becoming damaged, lost or stolen, which can then become expensive to repair or replace. In order to keep high-valued goods safe and secure, it can be worth investing in a protective equipment case which offers a robust locking system so that no one can gain access to the equipment unless they are authorised to.

Some of our equipment cases feature padlock lugs for when you need to add a lock and ensure maximum safety and security whilst keeping your electronic equipment in one place to prevent it from becoming lost.

Tool Control

Tool control is the measure of ensuring productivity, efficiency, safety and cost savings within a factory or workplace. Using our custom foam inserts, we enlist tool control within our equipment cases meaning that your high-value equipment has its very own slot within the case. 

When using your electronic equipment case for transporting multiple equipment, tool control makes it easier for tracking inventories and making sure that no high-value electronic equipment is missing from your case.

Lifetime Guarantee

For complete peace of mind, our Peli and Storm cases benefit from a manufacturer’s lifetime guarantee, making it the perfect solution for when your high-valued electronic equipment is in harsh and challenging environments. Although, all of our products will come with a minimum one year warranty against standard wear.

Protect Your High-Value Electronics Today

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We know the importance of providing reliable and protective custom bags and we can assure you that our products are made to extremely high standards to ensure you are getting a quality product solution.

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