What Foam Is Used In Equipment Cases?

Maintenance and Repair Equipment Cases

Whatever industry you’re in, if you rely on equipment to fulfil your job requirements, you’re going to want to consider an equipment case. Not only are equipment cases used to store your trusty equipment, you’re also going to need to consider the foam padding inserts used, to keep your equipment safe and protected so that they are kept in working order.

PottertonPacs equipment cases contain high quality foam padding inserts, although there are many different types of foam inserts to choose from.

If you’re looking to find out the different types of foam used in equipment cases, the benefits and the processes behind them, keep on reading.

Azote foams

Azote foams (French for ‘nitrogen’) can easily be cut and adapted in shape, yet are still very firm and supportive. They are only made in the UK, although they are very popularly ordered around the globe.

Different variations of Azote include Evazote, Zotek, Plastazote and Supazote: 

Evazote is very flexible and tough. It’s used in sports and leisure centres, footwear and quite regularly in construction.  Evazote is a closed cell cross-linked ethylene copolymer foam.

Zotek is a high quality foam produced with engineering polymers, fluoropolymers and speciality elastomers. It’s a high strength material able to cope with the most challenging surroundings.

Plastazote is extremely easy to cut, form and shape. Due to its high durability and waterproof nature, it’s used for protection of larger or heavier items to be housed within foam when a higher degree of stress or wear and tear is anticipated.  Tool control inserts, protective foam packing cradles,   often used in gyms, swimming pools and body protection in sports.

Supazote is a cross-linked polyethylene foam and is the softest of all Azote foams. Due to its soft nature, it is used in home bedding, protection in packaging, domestic white goods and the sports industry.


Ethafoam (a non-crosslinked extruded polyethylene foam) is a very light-weight, reliable and durable foam that offers great support for even the most fragile of items. Great for the environment, Ethafoam can very easily be recycled and reused. It’s long-lasting, due to its resistance to heat, chemicals and day-to-day wear and tear.

Ethafoam is great for electrical equipment as it provides repeated damage-resistant support to protect from the occasional bump and scrape.


Stratocell proves to be a popular choice due to it’s extremely cost-effective nature and the ease of cutting and shaping. It offers high quality cushioning and can even be reused, although it’s lifespan and durability are nowhere near as long-lasting as Ethafoam. Extreme knocks and drops are protected by Stratocell foam.

A closed cell Polyethylene foam, Stratocell is extremely lightweight and is commonly used as protection inside corrugated fibreboard.

Choose the right foam padding inserts with PottertonPacs

Get in touch with a member of our team to discuss how we can help you to create your ideal equipment case with custom foam padding inserts, which we can rout with CNC routing, press die cut or cut with waterjet technology. We are willing to talk you through the processes and make recommendations to help you find the perfect foam customising options that suit you and your specific business needs. 

Please note PottertonPacs foam options are not upholstery grade foam of any type

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