Meeting Health & Safety Demands In Your Workplace

Health & Safety Equipment

Under the Workplace Regulations of 1992, employers have a legal duty to ensure that they are doing everything in their power to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees. This is the employer’s responsibility which should also make sure that the premises are safe for use, and any visitors or customers who enter the workplace are also not put at any health and safety risk.

When it comes to avoiding health and safety problems, having the right procedures, equipment and training in place is crucial. As an employer, you should be providing and maintaining workplaces which are safe and without risk, by ensuring a health and safety compliant workplace.

In this article, we explain the importance of meeting health and safety demands in your workplace and how you can do this through the use of diagnostic or maintenance test equipment cases or medical cases and bags.

PAT Testing Equipment 

PAT testing is a legal requirement to ensure the electrical appliances in your workplace are up to a safe working standard to prevent potential electrical accidents from occurring. Whilst most electrical safety faults can be spotted with a visual examination, PAT testing inspects electrical appliances more thoroughly and can detect many electrical faults which a visual examination cannot detect.

In order to protect your business and its employees, you will need to ensure all necessary electrical equipment has been PAT tested as and when recommended to. PAT testing can be carried out by a PAT testing professional or anyone with adequate training who understands what equipment needs testing and how to test it properly.

As PAT testing equipment is of high value and usually comes with accessories (including adapters, leads, labels and logbooks), it can be well worth storing PAT testing equipment in a branded plastic case which safely holds the equipment when not in use.

First Aid

Fast response kits are used to provide first aid assistance during emergencies and times of need. These kits are likely to store plasters, sterile dressings, bandages, medicines, tape, scissors, safety pins and sometimes, a basic first aid manual/booklet.

In compliance with the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations of 1981, employers must provide appropriate and adequate equipment to ensure that employees are able to receive immediate medical attention if they are injured in their workplace. For this reason, it is a legal requirement that workplaces have a designated emergency first aid kit easily accessible to all employees.

With the need for these first aid kit items to be kept clean and store away multiple first aid equipment, our plastic cases are used for the safe and hygienic storage of first aid equipment that can simply be wiped clean and can be safely closed with the clasp fastening. You’ll also be able to have your plastic medical case branded and printed with your own custom design, meaning that you can have health and safety instructions printed on the case or even a first aid symbol so that the first aid kit can easily be identified.

Industrial Machinery Testing

In environments where industrial machinery is used, it’s crucial that this equipment conforms to regulatory standards in many fields. This is why equipment must be regularly tested to ensure it’s safe for use, doesn’t pose any risks and also checks to ensure that the machinery doesn’t need to be repaired any time soon. This also prevents breakdowns and prevents revenue from being lost by machines being out of action.

Whether you’re using an LCR meter, decade boxes, component analysers or even power supplies to test machinery, it’s important it has its very own protective case to keep all the necessary equipment together. 

Food and General Hygiene

When demonstrating food hygiene to students or a workforce involved in the preparation of food, it’s important to have a custom bag to use for food hygiene demonstrations. For this reason, it’s useful to have a custom bag created with a UV light fitted inside to show how many germs are on the hands or day-to-day objects which we typically do not expect.

A custom bag can also be used to store hygiene essentials, including hand sanitiser, wipes and face masks that are critical in ensuring the health and safety in some conditions, particularly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Become Health and Safety Compliant

If you are a professional who works within an industry that uses any of the above equipment, or you feel you may benefit from our equipment cases, we would love to help.

When upgrading your case with PottertonPacs, you’ll have the option to completely customise your equipment case. If branding and company image is a big part of your work, having your logo placed on your bags improves visibility. This means you can get on with your day whilst simultaneously keeping the tools of your trade safe and presenting your brand. 

We know the importance of providing reliable and protective custom bags and we can assure you that our products are made to extremely high standards to ensure you are getting a quality product solution.

PottertonPacs are leading suppliers of custom made protective bags and cases and this includes protective cases and bags for use within the medical industry. Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss the various options of equipment cases that are available to you.