Protective Hard Cases for Military & Emergency Services

The military and emergency services are two sectors that require custom hard cases to store lifesaving medical devices, medical supplies, military supplies and other sensitive equipment that is essential to carry out a job.

A custom hard case keeps this equipment safe and secure in all types of conditions and environments, and even when travelling and goods need to be safely transported.

With one of the broadest ranges of bespoke interior solutions on the market, we are confident that we have a custom solution to suit you. And with our custom-cut foam, we can even provide you with protective foam that comfortably fits your equipment and devices.

As an official distributor of NANUK, Peli Protector Cases and Storm Cases, we supply a wide range of custom hard cases that are highly suitable for military and emergency services. This guide explains some of the most popular custom hard cases we stock at PottertonPacs.


As a new official distributor of NANUK cases, we are delighted to now provide NANUK cases as part of our product offering. 

Described as ‘light and mighty’, NANUK cases are indestructible and are ideal for keeping weapons and gear secure and safe from repeated drops, shocks and blows. The cases are specifically purpose-built to store all types of military grade equipment, including rifles and pistols, deployment kits, communication systems, sensitive equipment, lifesaving medical devices, military supplies and soldier storage.

The case material is made from crushproof NK-7 resin which is designed to withstand extreme and continuous impact. So even if a NANUK protective case is dropped from an extreme height, you can be certain the precious contents are still intact, along with the added benefit of MIL-STD-810F Immersion, resistance to chemical erosion and the ability to withstand high temperatures.

The Powerclar™ latch is carefully designed to seal the case tightly shut with no risk of opening, making it highly suitable for precious goods and equipment. There’s a reason why the NANUK brand is known to provide the world’s best protective cases with a lifetime warranty.

Peli Protector Cases

Peli Protector Cases are secure, strong, robust and lightweight with robust wheels, making the perfect choice for the transportation of heavy and precious goods.

The waterproof, crushproof and dustproof cases from the Protector range are highly suitable for extreme protection of equipment under the harshest conditions, hence why they are commonly used in military and emergency conditions.

Made from copolymer polypropylene,  a tough, long-lasting plastic material with a solid fastening due to their two-step open and close latches. 

Described as the toughest, high-impact resistant, dust proof, chemical resistant and IP67 watertight case for extreme protection, the Protector cases are certainly a safe choice for any military or emergency operation.

Alternative Military Grade Peli Storm Cases

Peli Storm Cases provide exceptional levels of protection and are commonly used by the military and emergency services. So, no matter what equipment you’re looking to transport, you can be sure that it’s fully secure in a Peli Storm case. 

The Storm cases offer impact resistance, dust protection, and are watertight to IP67 certification and provide extreme durability at low and high temperatures.

We stock a full range of sizes for practically any environment or industry, which is why our Peli Storm cases are favoured by the military and emergency services who choose to protect their most valuable gear with safe, secure and ATA compliant Storm cases.

The cases provide heavy-duty protection for the safest transportation of any delicate, expensive or sensitive equipment and are resistant to any form of impact. As well as this, they are also dent-resistant, shatter-resistant and completely airtight, meaning that any electricals are safe at all times.

Find Your Protective Solutions

At PottertonPacs, we are official authorised distributors of Peli Protector Cases, Peli Storm Cases and Nanuk cases, which offer total protection in virtually any situation, particularly within the military and emergency services.

We know the importance of providing reliable and protective solutions and we can assure you that our products are made to extremely high standards to ensure you are getting a quality product solution.

Get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss the various options that are available to you.