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Custom-made protective transit solutions

PottertonPacs Case Study: John Downer Productions Ltd

Reinventing kitchens

As an award-winning media company specialising in wildlife television, feature films and commercials, John Downer Productions specialise in the creation of groundbreaking immersive visuals and dynamic storytelling.

With a creative passion and interest in nature, John Downer Productions have been the go-to company for high-end innovative natural history film-making for over 30 years.

John Downer Productions have contributed towards countless successful series of animal films, including Penguins – Spy in the Huddle, Lion – Spy in the Den, and Dolphins – Spy in the Pod, all of which later featured in the revolutionary idea of Spy Creatures, followed by a successful series of ‘Spy in the Wild’.

What did they need?

Sample bag for their kitchen door samples

Lightweight and water-resistant custom-made protective transit solution

With an upcoming documentary they were due to film, John Downer Productions needed a custom made protective transit solution to store lifesize models of dolphins and seals to capture sea life in their natural habitat. As the lifesize models featured cameras and propellers, it was vital that the solution was water-resistant and lightweight whilst still offering protection against transit damage during transportation around the world.

They reached out to us to see if we could create a bespoke lightweight protective transit solution for their upcoming project, with strict specifications of measurements and a maximum weight of 13 kg.

Our solution

The final product

The final product

Our end solution was to create a transit casing manufactured entirely from foam with webbing straps to hold the foams together creating a protective clamshell around the models. The foam selected for this project was of the highest density meaning an outer case body was not required allowing this protective transit solution to remain as lightweight as possible for transporting the lifesize models even on the most restricted journeys.

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