Havana Club Cases

Custom cases for Havana Club's new line of Cuban spiced rum

PottertonPacs Case Study: Havana Club Cases

Distilled Rum

Crafted by the family-owned José Arechabala S.A. in Cuba in 1934, Havana Club embodies the spirit of a nation through their range of Rum. Having registered the trademark in the same year, it was sold in both Cuba and the United States. 

The Cuban Government sold rum under this name in 1972, with a focus primarily in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union. Today, Havana Club products are sold in over 120 countries as well as being the fifth-largest brand of rum in the world with volume sales of 4.6 million 9 liter cases in 2019 alone.

The Problem

Havana Club Cases

Working with British, rapper, singer and songwriter Ms Banks, Havana Club needed our help with the production of high quality orange cases to showcase their new edition of rum – ‘Cuban Spiced’. 

Inside the cases, they also needed a bespoke foam insert to fit various items to support their campaign. Such items included a bottle with small glasses, as well as cocktail equipment and a polaroid with a note from Ms Banks herself. 

With the right attention to detail, our goal was to manufacture a product that successfully portrayed the culture of the Havana Club brand. 

The Solution

The Final Product

After the cases had been sent over to Havana Club, they used an ice cream van enveloped in their own branding to travel around London, Birmingham and Manchester. They were handed to influencers who in return, posted the cases on their Instagram accounts. For more insight on this, these images can be found on the Havana Club Instagram page @havanaclubuk